Our Mission We aim to simplify & promote world trade. Consequently, our goal is to support various companies by supporting them in sales, purchasing, and business development with our experienced and literate squad who are active in multiple areas. Besides, we promise to satisfy our customers' needs in a most appropriate way with our wide product range. ​ Our Vision Our goal is to connect companies by improving their existing communications within themselves, hence supporting global trade. Furthermore, we aim to support companies who are experiencing organizational problems by presenting consulting services to them. Thus, we will kindly enrich our partner companies & their countries by supporting them. - Qualified & reliable commerce - Satisfy our customers' needs splendidly - Maintain relations based on a foundation of trust with our business partners - Providing high customer satisfaction Our Values Strategies - Focusing on international widening - Perfecting our position in local market - Taking actions that create value - Performing “VENZA Approach” in every field of business

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